What are GPS Passive Trackers?

February 25th, 2021 in GPS Trackers & loggers
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GPS passive trackers, also called data loggers, are battery-operated gadgets that track a vehicle or a device. GPS passive trackers store the data in internal memory, USB stick, or a memory card. The information stored here includes reports like the acceleration, speed, distance traveled, date and time, or current driving time.

GPS passive trackers are engineered to record information. They mimic information recorders!

These devices record data about the route taken, the speed of the car, and the time of the journey.

Why Select GPS Passive Trackers?

GPS passive trackers assist you in managing your business properties for great service and security. Depending on your device, GPS passive trackers can give you regular updates when the machine is connected to power.

The Uses of GPS Passive Trackers

If you suspect that your driver is taking more time to arrive at a particular destination than it should take, you can use a GPS passive tracker to know the route your driver takes. You can use this gadget to find your car that has been stolen and give the CID or the police the exact route that the criminals took.

If you are a parent, you can use the passive tracker to know whether or not your child is speeding since the gadget tracks the speed of the vehicle. You can keep track of the route you took during exploration, or law enforcement can use it to track the criminals.

Who can buy GPS Passive Trackers?

· Outdoor and fitness enthusiasts: Mountaineers or joggers use GPS Passive Trackers to track the distance they have covered.

· Parents of teens: Parents may use GPS Passive Trackers to know their kids' driving habits.

· Fleet managers: Fleet managers can use the information collected by GPS Passive Trackers to identify their workers' and drivers' behavior.

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