How Is a Real-Time GPS Tracker Different from A GPS Logger?

July 31st, 2021 in GPS Trackers & loggers
How Is a Real-Time GPS Tracker Different from A GPS Logger

GPS technologies are an incredible innovation – and can be exceptionally confusing for first-time buyers. The best GPS for your individual needs will vary depending on what you need it for, so it is important to understand the different options.

Although both rely on Global Positioning Systems, GPS trackers and GPS loggers meet different needs, and below we discuss which is best for your needs.

Types of GPS Systems  

A Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracker is a device that communicates signals to a series of 24 satellites in orbit. Between the tracker, the satellite, and a tower, the position of the tracker can be identified. A “real-time” GPS tracker is a device where this process happens so quickly, the movement of a tracker can be monitored almost “as it happens” from a separate device.

A GPS logger is also known as a “passive GPS”. Although it relies on the same triangulation method as a tracker, it does not update to an external software in real-time. GPS Loggers are placed somewhere, collect the data to an internal hard drive, and need to be physically recovered for the data to be read.

Which is the Best Option for You – A GPS Tracker or a GPS Logger?

The question of whether a real-time GPS tracker or GPS logger is right for you depends on whether you want to see where something is, or where something has been.

Real-time GPS trackers have a wide variety of uses for personal needs. They are used to make sure family and friends are safe, that your car is accounted for, or for a variety of recreational outdoor activities. The tracking information is easily accessed through a separate software or smartphone.

A GPS logger, on the other hand, will provide updates as well as more detailed information. This means they are a better candidate for situations where a person’s movement and location need to be analyzed. GPS loggers can capture specific details of their movement, speed, and location, which can then be transferred from the device when needed. They are excellent choices for fleet management.

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