How Does a GPS Tracking Device Work?

February 29th, 2016 in GPS Trackers & loggers

The Global Positioning System was developed by the US military. Since 2012 it consists of 32 satellites transmitting radio signals. Each satellite completes two orbits a day and six of these satellites will be in range from anywhere in the world. The second element consists of the control centres, ground antennas and monitoring stations required to run the system. The third layer is the user segment, such as a tracking device, which will triangulate data from at least three satellites as well as using time to calculate location. Trackers are either ‘passive’ stores of information, or push out ‘live’ tracking via satellite modem, radio communication, or mobile phone networks. 

Tracking devices offer a range of power options and features like panic buttons or the ability to transmit sound. The specifications required will largely depend on the type of tracking required. 

Some assets, such as jewellery will require tiny devices, while others can support a larger model with amazing power supplies. Some carriers insist on tracking for valuable objects such as paintings. 

GPS tracking devices can be fitted to children’s clothes, bags and shoes. Sound transmission and panic buttons are particularly useful if a child becomes lost or is in danger. Persons at risk of disorientation due to illness or medication can give their loved-ones peace of mind with a tracker. Features include boundaries options, which will send a text if the bearer goes beyond a certain limit or approaches a dangerous spot. Everyone is vulnerable when hiking, riding or skiing, and extreme weather will not affect a robust tracking system. People often purchase their first trackers before going abroad. A tracker can help airlines find lost luggage, and help police locate missing assets and people. Companies often protect top executives in this way. 

Vehicles are easily tracked and data on speed or poor driving can be integrated. This especially useful for borrowed or stolen vehicles, and anything being driven by a teenager. 

Animals with a tendency to wander can cause accidents or become lost, and a tracking device is an ideal way of protecting them. Dogs can sometimes be a neighbourhood nuisance and will travel miles when they catch the scent of a receptive female, however loyal they may be.

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