GPS Tracking Devices for Small Fleet Owners

April 16th, 2021 in GPS Trackers & loggers
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For those that own or manage a small fleet of vehicles, GPS trackers can provide you with valuable real time information for managing routes. These tracking devices provide a slew of benefits and helps you stay aware of potential delays.

What is GPS tracking?

Global positioning systems (GPS) are satellite-based navigation systems that give real time information on the location of any GPS enabled device. GPS tracking devices allow the user to know exactly where his or her vehicle is at all times, whether parked or in motion.

Advantages of GPS tracking devices for small fleet

There are several reason or advantages to installing GPS trackers in your small fleet. First, the obvious  is in the case of theft of a vehicle, you would know exactly where it has gone to. GPS tracking can also improve employee production. When drivers know they are being tracked, they are less likely to waste time or run personal errands. This can result in massive savings for you as the fleet owner.

What GPS Tracking Devices are Available?

Spy Store offers many real time GPS tracking devices depending on your needs. Some options to consider are ease of installation. One option, an OBD Tracker, plugs directly into your vehicle's OBD socket and does not require further wiring or battery charging. Some options work directly on existing GPS satellites while others require a SIM card from a telecommunication company.

Owning a small fleet is an expensive investment, and protecting this fleet should not be overlooked. GPS tracking allows you to do just that. Make sure to talk to an expert to decide which GPS tracker is right for you.

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